What makes a Periodontist different from a General Dentist?

What makes a Periodontist different from a General Dentist?

Have you been told that you need to see a Periodontist by your dentist? Are you seeking for a periodontist in Houston who can help you with your gum disease? Dr. Kevin Calongne is a Periodontics specialist and one of the area’s foremost experts in dental implants and Periodontics, so look no further.

While you’re getting ready for your appointment with Dr. Calongne, it’s a good idea to learn the primary differences between a Periodontist and a General Dentist, so you realize why your condition necessitates a specialist. A dentist, treats the teeth, gums, and other regions of the mouth, but a periodontist exclusively treats the gums and bone that supports the teeth. Rather than having the patient see a conventional dentist, the periodontist sees severe, difficult cases that require a specialist. Following their undergraduate degrees, both doctors must attend Dental School. Periodontists must complete the same four-year program as dentists, plus three extra years of post-doctoral study.

Gum Disease’s Effects on the Body

Seeing a periodontist can help you prevent developing major health issues. If you’ve had bleeding while eating or brushing your teeth, foul breath, loose teeth, gum recession, gangrene, heart disease, diabetes, osteopenia, or osteoporosis, you should see Dr. Calongne, your local periodontist, as soon as possible.

Dr. Calongne will examine the gums, jawbone, and overall condition of the teeth before beginning any dental therapy. Following your evaluation, a treatment plan will be put in place to aid with your periodontal disease. If you let your periodontal disease get out of hand, you risk losing your teeth and developing major health problems.

Our patients are always our top priority at West Houston Periodontics. That is why Dr. Calongne works tirelessly to keep up with the latest breakthroughs and master his art in order to provide his patients with the greatest possible experience when they walk through his doors.

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