Why are my gums receding?

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There area a number of causes for gum recession and root exposure. Traumatic tooth brushing or using a hard tooth brush is one that’s preventable. You should use a soft brush and make small circles with it as you go from tooth to tooth. Don’t scrub with a sawing motion, and use light pressure. If you use an electric brush, don’t push too hard. Most of the current models will either stop or a flashing red light will come on when you press too hard. Another cause of tooth recession is grinding and clenching your teeth. This is a hard habit to break, but a bite guard can help control the damage that this causes. Lastly, some people are just born with thin gums that are prone to recession. These are the people who most benefit from gum grafts. Generally, once a graft is done, the gums stabilize and further recession is minimized.