Implant rescue

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So, you went for your regular dental cleaning appointment, and the implant that you paid so much for is exhibiting bone loss. You dentist is kind of in a quandary of what to do, so he sends you to a surgeon who offers you an expensive bone graft or just removing or replacing the implant. You really don’t want to have to pay for this all over again with the uncertainty of how long a bone graft or another implant will last. Well, there is another alternative, LAPIP. The Laser-assisted Peri-implant Procedure offers a way to get your existing implant healthy again. This is a short, comfortable way to restore a healthy environment around your existing implant.  It even helps grow back bone that has been lost around your implant, all without incisions, sutures, or bone grafts. Our patients seldom have to take any pain medicine beyond just some ibuprofen, and you can go about your regular activities the rest of that day. If you have ailing implants, give our office a call, and we can tailor a treatment plan for you that may save your implant and your wallet.